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The Ginther Ice Cream family hopes each one of you made it through Hurricane Irma safely. Twistee Treat of Ocoee lost power for awhile, but we are planning to reopen this evening, Monday, September 11, at approximately 6:30 pm. Our other two stores, Twistee Treat of Lake Buena Vista and Ginther's Swirls, are planning to reopen at our regular business hours tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12. Thank you for your understanding and support during our shared ordeal. See you soon and stay safe!

Welcome to the Twistee Treat of Ocoee, Twistee Treat of Lake Buena Vista, and Ginther's Swirls Website. We have been family-owned and operated since 1994.

Twistee Treat of Ocoee and Twistee Treat of Lake Buena Vista are a direct licensee and have been granted the right to continue to use the name from Twistee Treat USA. 

If you need information regarding new or other locations, please contact Twistee Treat USA directly at 

If you have any problems or questions regarding our two Twistee Treat locations (Ocoee and Lake Buena Vista), please contact us directly at

Thank you for your continued support of our family businesses and the entire Twistee Treat family of businesses.

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